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HANDSUP Final Evaluation

HANDSUP Final Evaluation

The Hands Up as come to an end, but we are still available on this side! 

This project contributed to the elimination of corporal punishment in Europe. 

Specifically, the main objectives of the project were to increase cooperation, planning and capacity of State agencies to address corporal punishment against children effectively, to promote the adoption of positive discipline practices among parents and caregivers,
and to raise awareness of the need to eradicate corporal punishment against children. 

Those objectives were achieved through the effective implementation of a comprehensive plan of activities, which were developed in four main fields of action:

  • policy-making and networking, 
  • sensitization and training to parents, 
  • capacity-building addressing professional caregivers of children, 
  • a range of awareness raising activities addressing the general public.

The Evaluation of the overall implementation of the project was applied throughout its two years of duration. See more for the evaluation report.