Justice and Advocacy

  • Identify and bridge gaps in State-led action concerning the implementation of national laws of corporal punishment against children, through sustainable capacity-building and planning;
  • Improve cooperation between relevant multi-stakeholders through a working group of child protection experts;
  • Develop guidelines for the effective implementation of laws prohibiting corporal punishment against children, through national actions plans;
  • Increase State-led action on the eradication of corporal punishment against children, through the uptake of the project´s outputs by a wide array of public stakeholders.

National Action Plans on Prohibiting Corporal Punishment against Children

Development of a comprehensive plan with the necessary sectorial and cross-sectorial action necessary to guide the State and State actors on how to tackle corporal punishment against children at national level.

Working Group of Child Protection Experts

This working group will provide inputs, discuss, validate and/or amend the National Action Plan.

National Policy Dialogue Meetings

Seminar meetings where the national action plan will be presented to several state stakeholders, to advocate for its uptake. A European Politicy Dialogue Meeting will also take place in Brussels.

Training courses for Justice, Child Protection, Social, Education and Healthcare professionals

The target-groups will be identified among the justice, healthcare, social and education sectors, to build their skills and knowledge. The training sessions will cover 4 modules on:

  • the laws on corporal punishment against children and their interpretation in line with International Standards;
  • the harms of corporal punishment against children and alternatives to it;
  • children’s rights;  and when applicable;
  • the principles of child-friendly justice (Council of Europe, 2010).
Activities Outputs