Parenting and Positive Discipline

  • Promote positive educational practices;
  • Present pedagogic alternatives to corporal punishment;
  • Promote the child’s sense of responsibility and self-esteem;
  • Improve empathy and communication in the family relationships;
  • Discuss concepts and notions of authority, discipline and obedience;
  • Help to tackle daily obstacles with less stress.



Training course to Parents, Soon-to-be Parents and Caregivers

The main goal is to promote and disseminate alternatives to corporal punishment against children among parents and professionals, as well as new notions on the concepts of authority, obedience, responsibility and self-esteem.

The main targets are parents, soon-to-be parents and caregivers of children at risk. This training program will be held at different institutions: healthcare centres, maternity clinics, support centres for mothers, associations and also in foster homes. These courses will focus on the following themes:

  • law on corporal punishment against children;
  • child development;
  • positive discipline;
  • children’s rights;
  • the educator’s point of view.


Parent Meetings – “Tea Talks”

Meetings for parents and/or soon-to-be parents that will act as informal moments where the participants of the Positive Discipline training course can share their parents’ experiences as peer educators. 

Activities Outputs