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Parenting and Positive Discipline | OUTPUTS

Parenting and Positive Discipline | OUTPUTS

Training Courses for Soo-to-be parents, Parents and Caregivers

In order to promote and disseminate alternatives to corporal punishment of children and new ways of working on parenting and positive education, as well as to present new notions of authority, obedience, responsibility and self-esteem, training programs were developed to work with parents and caregivers on positive disciplinary notions and practices.  

The following actions were developed:


POWER Trainings - Parents Obtain Wisdom Empowerment and Respect

Several training sessions were held with parents and pre- parents, in partnership with local entities. The following topics were addressed:

  • Parenthood;
  • Parental presence and positive discipline;
  • Process of escalation and conflict resolution;
  • Experiences and how to deal with unwanted behaviors;
  • What I can and cannot do 

POWER Training Program for parents and soon-to-be parents


POWER PRO Training - Professionals Obtain Wisdom Empowerment and Respect​

Several training sessions were held with professionals from various areas (social, health, education, etc.). In a 10-hour programme, the following topics were addressed:

  • laws on corporal punishment of children;
  • child development;
  • positive discipline;
  • children's rights;
  • the educator's point of view​ 


POWER PRO Training Program for Caregivers


Parent´s TEA TALKS 

Informal moments where POWER participants could share their experiences of positive education, as well as difficulties and challenges, with other parents, acting as peer educators..